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Date: 01-11-2017


Is it safe to buy Gemstone online?

Yes, nowadays people transferring money online, even they buy costly product such as car online. Well, we use same technology that the banks use to protect misuse of information. So you can order Gemstone online without worrying about a thing.

How can I place an order online?

You can order online or visa email, Fax or phone. Please see our How to Order section.

Do I have to pay custom duty or import duty for buying gemstone?

It is depend on the law of your country. Importing gemstone in some countries are free from any custom duty. Check with custom department in your country.

How do I know that a Gemstone is natural?

It is not possible to determine a Gemstone is natural or artificial without testing by a reputed Gemological Laboratory.

Do you provide LAB Certificate?

Yes, upon customer’s request we provide LAB Certificate.

If I buy a Gemstone from your site, is LAB Certificate free with the product?

Yes, we provide certificate for Gemstone from International Gemological laboratories but purchasing amount (product value) must be 500 US$ or above.

Do you charge for shipping?

Please see our FREE Shipping Worldwide section.

What happens if I receive a damage or broken product?

Contact us within 24hrs after receiving parcel. Do not accept the parcel if seal is broken or in broken condition.

How do I see my order status or order details?

Login to your account and you will find order details on this page.

How to track my order/shipping?

After sending parcel, we will send you a tracking ID. Go to Track Your Order section and enter this tracking ID here and Track your order.